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[claire] how many angels can dance on

Player Information

Name: Ruthi
Age: 21
AIM SN: pandabuckets
email: sarlefay@gmail.com
Have you played in an LJ based game before? yes
Currrently Played Characters: Castiel and Wesley
Conditional: Activity Check Link: here you go.
Character Information

Canon Source: Heroes
Canon Format: TV show
Character's Name: Sylar (AKA Gabriel Gray)
Character's Age: 29? Roughly. A real age is never given.
Conditional: If your character is 13 years of age or under, please clarify how they will be played. n/a

What form will your character's NV take? Sweet silver Razr.

Character's Canon Abilities:
Sylar's base ability is intuitive aptitude-- the ability to automatically understand any biological and mechanical processes. He replicates the powers that others have by looking into their brains, then altering his own DNA patterns to match the ones of other specials. Spoiler: he has to kill people and rip their scalps off to get inside their brains. But he can also access the powers of other specials through empathy. Currently he has: telekinesis, regeneration, clairsentience, and alchemy.

Conditional: If your character has no superhuman canon abilities, what dormant ability will you give them? n/a
Weapons: n/a


Character History:
Until very recently, as far as Gabriel Gray knew, he was born in Queens, New York to an overbearing mother and a watchmaker who abandoned the two of them. He considered his life very mundane, and spent his childhood wishing someone would come tell him his parents weren't his real parents, that he was meant for more than the life he'd been given. He took up the family trade as a watchmaker, in hopes that his father might somehow find out and be proud of him, but that didn't happen. He was very skilled at his craft, but still unsatisfied with the path his life had taken.

Everything changed when he was contacted by Chandra Suresh, a gifted geneticist who had developed a theory regarding the next stage of human evolution, and a possible method of discovering those who had reached that peak. Chandra believed that Gabriel was one of those people, and ran a series of tests on him. Seeming to find nothing, he turned Gabriel away, telling him he'd made a mistake. Gabriel was devastated at the thought of living a normal life again, especially after the possibility for more was dangled under his nose. He knew he had a power-- intuitive aptitude, the ability to analyze anything from simple mechanical systems to things much more complex and see how they worked. He took matters into his own hands, and met up with another person with a much more obvious power, telekinesis. However, Brian Davis had no use for his ability. He wanted to get rid of it, to be normal. This horrified Gabriel. Deciding he was undeserving, he killed Brian Davis, took his power for his own, and went back to Dr. Suresh claiming that he had just discovered it. The doctor apologized for his mistake and welcomed Gabriel with open arms back into the project. Together, they could find other potentials, explain to them what they were, and help them control their gifts.

However, before he took the alias Sylar and set foot down the path of killing others for his own gain, he took a step back. Overwhelmed with the guilt of what he'd done to Brian Davis, he attempted to hang himself, only to have the rope break and to find himself in the arms of a girl named Elle. After his first kill, he realized that with his power came an insatiable thirst to know everything. He wanted to stop, before he became addicted and lost complete control of himself. However, Elle lied to him, introduced him to more people with abilities when he specifically told her that he needed to stay away from them, and sent him past the point of no return.

Gabriel started killing all the people he was supposed to be helping with Chandra, under the name he gave himself the night he killed Brian Davis: Sylar. When Chandra noticed, he attempted to break contact with him. Sylar retaliated by killing him. Chandra ensured that the list of evolved humans he had wouldn't fall into Sylar's hands, but that didn't stop him from using the information he still had from before.

Using the names he still had, he went after and killed people for their powers all over the United States. He was regarded as a dangerous serial killer, and was hunted by the FBI. Eventually he was caught by a mysterious company, and drugged and experimented on almost to the point of death. He managed to escape, and went right back to his murderous ways.

After stealing powers of precognition, he feared that he might be the cause of a giant explosion and kill a ton of innocent people. He didn't understand it-- why would he kill all these people if there was no reason for it? He visited his mother in hopes that she would tell him give it up, that it was okay for him to be normal. Instead, all she did was goad him on into thinking that he could accomplish great things, even becoming the president. He tried to show her his powers, proof that he was special after all, and it terrified her. Calling him damned, she tried to attack him with a pair of scissors, only to be impaled by her own weapon as he struggled against her.

In that moment, Sylar decided it didn't matter. He would take the power he saw himself having that destroyed the city. He would embrace his destiny. But when he went to Kirby Plaza and faced off with Peter Petrelli, he realized that he wasn't the bomb. The other man had absorbed the same ability from the same person, and seemed to be unable to control the power. Sylar was impaled on the sword of Hiro Nakamura, and escaped the scene barely alive, disappearing into a manhole.

Sylar awoke in a shack in the Mexican jungle, still recuperating from his near-fatal wound and under the care of another Company agent. He also found himself infected with a virus that suppressed all his powers. Angry at losing everything that made him special, he lashed out by killing his caretaker and setting off on a journey to regain his abilities.

Eventually he ran into two twins looking for the same man he was-- Mohinder Suresh, his ex-mentor's son, who was carrying on the project of his late father. Sylar manipulated the twins into taking him with them, gaining the trust of one and killing the other when he attempted to stand in his way. They reached Suresh, he absconded the cure from him, and regained his abilities.
Sylar then decided to track down a target that had previously escaped his grasp-- Claire Bennet, a cheerleader with the ability to regenerate. Gaining her powers (though not killing her-- he couldn't kill her, even if he'd wanted to. There was something different about her), he used the files her father, a Company agent, kept in their house as his brand new shopping list.

Arriving to the Company, he managed to kill the director and that was as far as he got. He was knocked unconscious by the man's daughter, and imprisoned by the Company once more. While imprisoned, he was visited by Angela Petrelli, and told that he was actually her son. She'd given him up for adoption and regretted it. She accepted him, and forgave him for the things he'd done.

Although initially reluctant to believe it, eventually he came to accept her words as truth. He wanted to be the hero that she expected him to be, and expressed this in small acts of kindness-- apologizing to Claire Bennet, saving the life of Peter.
When Sylar encounters her husband, Arthur Petrelli, he tells him that Angela had been lying all along. She feared him, didn't love him, and tried to drown him when he was first born. Believing this, Sylar switched his allegiances and started working for his new father.

Point in Canon: The end of 3x07, after Arthur is like hey btw Sylar your mom is a bitch.

Conditional: Brief summary of previous RP history: n/a

Character Personality:
Sylar is, in so many words, a giant brat. He's self-entitled, self-absorbed, and unable to see past the end of his own nose as far as other people's problems go. He's an unstable, crazy fuck. A lot of it is the result of his upbringing, and to a degree his ability. He can go from being eerily calm to cheerfully mocking his enemies to throwing a full-blown temper tantrum in the course of five minutes. His temper often gets the best of him-- he'll drop whatever scheme he's plotting to throw a giant hissy fit if he feels he's being thwarted or if his plans aren't going exactly how he wants them. This sort of impairs his ability to be a good actor. He can sustain a role, but the second there's a snag, he drops it. No matter what he does, he seems to face things around him with a dry, sarcastic sense of humor-- unless it happens to be one of the days he's angsting and waxing philosophical.

Sylar has a lot of tendencies that clearly spell out textbook psychopath and narcissist. It's easy to pin-point and explain a lot of his traits this way. He manages to charm people who don't know him at all-- Sandra, for example, at a superficial level, because he knows how to play nice, even if he doesn't always exercise the ability. He's a pathological liar, and will say whatever he thinks will get him what he wants.

A huge part of the way he acts is due to how he was treated in his childhood. His biological father sold him to his uncle, and killed his mother in front of him. He was very young-- no exact age is given, but he was probably four or five-- and even though he repressed the memory, there's some deep mental scarring, shown by the way he kills his victims. It's the same way his father killed his mother, and presumably the rest of the people he killed.

If that wasn't enough, the family he was adopted into wasn't exactly better. His father left presumably not long after he was "adopted", leaving him without a male rolemodel for most of his life. This also explains how he tends to cling to most older male figures who come into his adult life-- eg, Chandra Suresh.

When his father abandoned them, he was left to be raised by Virginia Gray. A blanket statement of a word for how Virginia seems to treat him would be "overbearing". She isn't satisfied with his accomplishments, and would rather he be doing something more lucrative than timepiece repair, like accounting. She smothers him, to a degree of emotional abuse. A lot of his eager-to-please personality is a result of Virginia's attitude towards him. One of the driving forces in Sylar's life is a need to be accepted, and that's something he never got from Virginia.

He also happens to have a very skewed sense of self-worth. As in, not only does he think he's the most "special" person to ever walk the planet, he thinks he's entitled to the abilities of other evolved humans. They simply don't deserve their powers, and since he's stronger than most of them, he takes a very drastic survival of the fittest kind of approach and decides they … don't deserve to live, either.

In addition to his entitlement issues, he had difficulty accepting responsibility for any of his actions. Instead of accepting responsibility for his actions, he makes himself out to be the victim in any given situation. Even if part of his situation is because of outside forces, he refuses to accept that any of his misery and misfortune is his own fault. It's always the other person or outside circumstances, and if the anyone disagrees, he demonizes them.

The funny thing about this, and his ability, is that it seems to have some base in empathy. He can connect emotionally with other people to take their abilities, and does in a few rare instances. He feels remorse over what he did-- after his first kill, he feels guilt to the point of trying to commit suicide. In It's Coming, he admits to Elle that he "never wanted to kill any of them." It's hard to say if his actions and motives are a result of personality flaws, or a side effect of his ability. In season three he explains his ability as a "hunger", an insatiable desire for not only abilities, but for pure knowledge. He can see how things work, so he wants to see how everything works. It seems like the groundwork for his downward spiral was always there, but when his ability manifests, it warps and distorts his personality like any addiction would. The fix is the most important to him. He doesn't care who he has to kill or the lengths he has to go through to get it.

Even if he is capable of real, sincere emotions, he tends to act very juvenile and even a little socially stunted. When he does show remorse, the periods are brief and shallow-- if he doesn't get the instant gratification of the other person's love and acceptance, he ditches the attempt and goes back to his old ways. The series finale is the exception to this, but that's only after all Nathan Petrelli's have been jumbled in with his, and it's completely possible that he could backslide out of his "emo apologist" phase after the finale. He doesn't really understand other people until seasons three and four, when he gets clairsentience and empathy as an ability and is more or less forced to by their involuntary nature. The only time he feels that something is wrong or evil is when it's action being taken directly against him. Even when intuitive aptitude gives him the ability to "see how things work", it either doesn't extend people, only mechanical and biological processes, or Sylar just doesn't care enough to push it that far for long amounts of time.

Conditional: Personality development in previous game: n/a
Character Plans: I'd really like Sylar to get involved with some of the SERO stuff. At the point he's at, even while controlling his ~Hunger~, I think he'd find some of the things they do really intriguing.


this fine piece of man.

Writing Samples

First Person Sample

[When the NV comes on, Sylar's lounging back in a chair, comfortable as can be. Because that's what he does. He adapts.

Or pretends to. While talking in a smarmy voice.]

So, you know. I've got this problem. I was minding my own business, having my little family reunion one minute, and the next? I'm here. I got my own apartment, which was nice, given the homelessness stint I've been on for the last, I don't know ... year? [He makes a grandiose hand-waving gesture.] It beats sleeping on a slab of concrete, I can tell you that.

But, [He waves his finger at the camera, as if he's about to make a Very Important Point,] I've still got this problem. I don't think Canada is going to work for me. Has it worked for anyone? There are, what, five people here? Well, I can tell you one thing. It's about to be zero if I can't find someone to help me. If someone can teleport me here, they can teleport me back. It's not rocket science, it's simple logic.

Third Person Sample

The way he stabbed his waffles was needlessly aggressive. But it did manage to make him feel better. If he could focus on small things, like stabbing his waffles, like eating, he wouldn't have to think about how uneasy this place made him.

It was like a constant dull buzzing in his head. Just knowing that there were powers all around him. Some latent, some not, but all basically free for the taking. It made the Company's buffet look like a pathetic brown bagged lunch. If he could give in, just for one second --

He intently chewed on the waffle. The syrup had been better than he expected. It was probably some of that Canadian charm. And here he thought Canada had nothing to offer.

Seriously, would it be so bad if he slipped up? Just once? There wasn't anyone to slap him on the wrist. No one to tell him that he couldn't. But there was still a need to prove himself. If he could not screw up, just this once, maybe it would make his father see that it wasn't a mistake. That he wasn't a mistake.

That was all he wanted, when it came down to it.

Too lazy to actually use his arm and reach, he slid his coffee across the table and into his waiting hand with telekinesis. Well, there was one thing to be said about the diner he'd holed himself up in: no matter how good the waffles had been, the coffee was still shit.


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