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all the best has yet to be laid to waste

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i don't buy that.

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[ look, peter is trying to repress his rage right now, okay. ] Just like calling me a girl isn't enough to piss me off. Sorry.

Yeah, I know. So, how've you been, Pete? Been gathering up those newspaper clippings?

I've been busy. Working.

Yeah, I know. We get it. You love your work. Work, work, work. I don't know how you manage to work eating and sleeping into all that working.

Somehow I make it work. And i've still got time to water my cactus.

I hope you're doing it right. I wouldn't want my token of affection to die.

Yeah, don't worry. I'm taking good care of it.

Why didn't you throw it away? It's not like it's Claire's kitten. It doesn't have any feelings to hurt.

Because it's not getting in the way?

It's a cactus, what's there to like?

You tell me. You're the one who kept it.

Like I said, it's not bothering anything, either.

Maybe I'll get you another one.

Because the first one needs a friend?

Or because you need more friends.

So I'm turning to cacti? Yeah, no, sorry to burst your.. psychoanalytical bubble, but I've got friends, I don't need to use a cactus to make up for anything.

[ ...fu, Sylar, you make his life SO DIFFICULT. ]

... Sam, Claire, Zuko, Hesam. Why do you even care?

[That's what Sylar DOES, okay.]

Sam's a loser, Claire is your niece-- meaning she doesn't count, Zuko is Claire's boyfriend-- meaning you only know him by proxy so he counts even less, and Hesam ... do you even know the first thing about Hesam outside of the fact that you work with him?

[ Peter is now full of rage :C ]

I knew Zuko before he was Claire's boyfriend so he counts, Sam isn't a loser - just because you don't like him doesn't mean we're not friends - but fine, we'll discount family. And I spend hours in an ambulance with Hesam every day, of course I know things about him.

[oops ... ]

So what do you know about him? Hit me with some fun facts.

watch me... make up stupid shit idek

[ riiiiiight. ]

He's from Iran, he's an only child, and his favorite color is blue. He can't stand PBR and he likes bowling? I don't know, Sylar, we sit in a car for hours and talk, we don't trade life goals.

Who does like PBR?

I don't know, broke college kids?

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