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i don't buy that.

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You know something, Sylar? Asking for help isn't the hard part. It's the follow-through.

Isn't the follow-through your responsibility?

How can I follow through at all if you don't talk to me.

We're talking now, aren't we?

Not about anything in particular though, are we? If I'm gonna help you out, you have to help me help you out. That's what I mean by follow-through. That's how it bloody works.

Well, I haven't had a lot to talk about. Most people would consider that a good thing, since it means I'm not out trying to kill anything that stares at me the wrong way.

Is a good thing. In other recent and exciting news, decided I am going to move off with you and Brandon after all. Packed up today.

Oh, so you made up your mind. I'm glad. I know how tough it was for you.

I guess I should get started on that. It'd give me something to do besides be completely miserable.

It was.. tough.

Want some company? Know how misery loves that.

Sure, I don't see why not. If you can find it in that busy schedule of yours. I know how much you love playing hero and saving the world. Or whatever it is you do.

Getting almost killed by vampire slayers, more like. Probably best I lay low for a while.

Spike. Did you go sticking your teeth where they don't belong?

Sylar. You know the answer to that.

Busybod slayer went sticking her stake where it didn't belong so I - stuck it back.

It was just a joke, jesus.

You staked a slayer?

She'll be fine. Was the only way to stop her at the time.

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