everything's gotta burn to get back to its purest state;

all the best has yet to be laid to waste

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that's nice., well shit.

"If you're calling, you who this is and what to do."

Text messaging enabled, picture messaging enabled, web browsing enabled.

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Uh ... not much. Did you get your apples?

I did, thanks. I actually got something else, I wasn't sure about...

A postcard?

What? I didn't send you a postcard.

It has a picture of you on it... [slowly turns it over, reading it for the first time.] Oh. It's addressed to Debra. She must have left it here.

Oh. Yeah. I went on vacation and thought she would enjoy a souvenir.

Well, I'm sure she appreciated it. [which is why...she left it here.]

Why do you have it, then? Did she give it to you?

I found it on the floor. It must have dropped out of her pocket or something.

You should give it back to her. I know she'll want to keep it.

.. I'll hang it on her refrigerator.

Thanks. I really appreciate it. I'm sure she will, too.

I'm not sure Quinn will, though.

When were you near an active volcano?

Whenever I took that picture, obviously.

[. . .]

.. Where were you?

I don't know, where are you gonna find an active volcano?

I think that's why I asked. Is it a secret volcano?

Yeah. I bought a timeshare.

.. Oh. How do those work, exactly?

You buy them, and then you share them?

How did I miss that? It takes a brave man to buy a timeshare on an active volcano. I doubt you have to compete for that too often.

I'm a pretty brave guy. Once I got stabbed in the abdomen with a katana.

Well, that's .. something. Does that come with a story?

A Japanese guy was trying to kill me.

Does that sort of thing happen to you often?

Yeah. I used to be a really important political figure.

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