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i got my degree from a cereal box.

Player Information:
Name or Handle: Ruthi
LJ: saria
Email: sarlefay@gmail.com
AIM or MSN name: to be ruthless
Any current characters here?: no
Would you like a protocol droid?: Yeeeeah maybe. I'm not nearly as well-versed in Star Wars as I like to pretend I am.

Character Information:
Character Name: Sylar, AKA Gabriel Gray.
Age: 29.
Canon: Heroes

Appearance: Sylar is somewhere between 6'1" and 6'2" and fairly lanky in build, but not without some muscle. His chocolate brown hair is cut into a fauxhawk that is growing out weird and awkwardly, and he's generally a pretty hairy dude. He could be bros with Chewbacca. Or maybe they're both just Italian at heart. His five o'clock shadow is very punctual (meaning it… never goes away), and his eyes are an orangeish brown that takes on a hazel tint in the right light. They're like the color of brandy. Corellian brandy, even. maybe he's the long lost Solo triplet. Right now he has a nasty torso scar from where some crazy dick named Hiro Nakamura stabbed him with a katana. It's really manly.

His uniform for life is basically black dress shirts and black pants. But he's not picky. He'll steal clothes from his dead victims if he needs to. Which is probably a good thing, because when he's left to his own devices he picks things like sweater vests and the ugliest fucking khaki jacket you've ever seen in your life. Also, he likes to wear point black boots like he's some kind of cowboy and he never takes off his broken Sylar watch. It's close to his heart. Only on his wrist.


Sylar is, in so many words, a giant brat. He's self-entitled, self-absorbed, and unable to see past the end of his own nose as far as other people's problems go. He's an unstable, crazy fuck. A lot of it is the result of his upbringing (see below), and to a degree his ability (see... even more below.) He can go from being eerily calm to cheerfully mocking his enemies to throwing a full-blown temper tantrum in the course of five minutes. His temper often gets the best of him-- he'll drop whatever scheme he's plotting to throw a giant hissy fit if he feels he's being thwarted or if his plans aren't going exactly how he wants them. No matter what he does, he seems to face things around him with a dry, sarcastic sense of humor-- unless it happens to be one of the days he's angsting and waxing philosophical.
The most important thing to Sylar, more than anything, is to be a) special and b) accepted . He's a very insecure individual, and seeks out attention in any way he can get it. Positive, negative, it doesn't matter, as long as people are paying attention to him. His worst fear, as sussed out by Matt Parkman, is spending eternity alone. He wants to be wanted, and accepted for who he is. And to do that, he'll cram himself into whatever role he sees fit-- as shown by the ways he acts around both Virginia Gray and the Petrellis.
Sylar is exceptionally intelligent, and if the massive amount of literature lining the walls of his apartment is anything to go by, very well-read, but I don't think he's a diabolical mastermind by any means. He's very clever, and manipulative to boot, but he has a short fuse and a tendency towards being gullible that stop him short from doing much of anything other than unsuccessfully recreating Saw. He's thwarted at the end of every season he acts as a big bad in, after all. And while he may be skilled at putting on personas and convincingly lying to get his way, he's not very good at sustaining a character for long amounts of time.

Until very recently, as far as Gabriel Gray knew, he was born in Queens, New York to an overbearing mother and a watchmaker who abandoned the two of them. He considered his life very mundane, and spent his childhood wishing someone would come tell him his parents weren't his real parents, that he was meant for more than the life he'd been given. He took up the family trade as a watchmaker, in hopes that his father might somehow find out and be proud of him, but that didn't happen. He was very skilled at his craft, but still unsatisfied with the path his life had taken.

Everything changed when he was contacted by Chandra Suresh, a gifted geneticist who had developed a theory regarding the next stage of human evolution, and a possible method of discovering those who had reached that peak. Chandra believed that Gabriel was one of those people, and ran a series of tests on him. Seeming to find nothing, he turned Gabriel away, telling him he'd made a mistake. Gabriel was devastated at the thought of living a normal life again, especially after the possibility for more was dangled under his nose. He knew he had a power-- intuitive aptitude, the ability to analyze anything from simple mechanical systems to things much more complex and see how they worked. He took matters into his own hands, and met up with another person with a much more obvious power, telekinesis. However, Brian Davis had no use for his ability. He wanted to get rid of it, to be normal. This horrified Gabriel. Deciding he was undeserving, he killed Brian Davis, took his power for his own, and went back to Dr. Suresh claiming that he had just discovered it. The doctor apologized for his mistake and welcomed Gabriel with open arms back into the project. Together, they could find other potentials, explain to them what they were, and help them control their gifts.

However, before he took the alias Sylar and set foot down the path of killing others for his own gain, he took a step back. Overwhelmed with the guilt of what he'd done to Brian Davis, he attempted to hang himself, only to have the rope break and to find himself in the arms of a girl named Elle. After his first kill, he realized that with his power came an insatiable thirst to know everything. He wanted to stop, before he became addicted and lost complete control of himself. However, Elle lied to him, introduced him to more people with abilities when he specifically told her that he needed to stay away from them, and sent him past the point of no return.

Gabriel started killing all the people he was supposed to be helping with Chandra, under the name he gave himself the night he killed Brian Davis: Sylar. When Chandra noticed, he attempted to break contact with him. Sylar retaliated by killing him. Chandra ensured that the list of evolved humans he had wouldn't fall into Sylar's hands, but that didn't stop him from using the information he still had from before.

Using the names he still had, he went after and killed people for their powers all over the United States. He was regarded as a dangerous serial killer, and was hunted by the FBI. Eventually he was caught by a mysterious company, and drugged and experimented on almost to the point of death. He managed to escape, and went right back to his murderous ways.

After stealing powers of precognition, he feared that he might be the cause of a giant explosion and kill a ton of innocent people. He didn't understand it-- why would he kill all these people if there was no reason for it? He visited his mother in hopes that she would tell him give it up, that it was okay for him to be normal. Instead, all she did was goad him on into thinking that he could accomplish great things, even becoming the president. He tried to show her his powers, proof that he was special after all, and it terrified her. Calling him damned, she tried to attack him with a pair of scissors, only to be impaled by her own weapon as he struggled against her.

In that moment, Sylar decided it didn't matter. He would take the power he saw himself having that destroyed the city. He would embrace his destiny. But when he went to Kirby Plaza and faced off with Peter Petrelli, he realized that he wasn't the bomb. The other man had absorbed the same ability from the same person, and seemed to be unable to control the power. Sylar was impaled on the sword of Hiro Nakamura, and escaped the scene barely alive, disappearing into a manhole.

Sylar awoke in a shack in the Mexican jungle, still recuperating from his near-fatal wound and under the care of another Company agent. He also found himself infected with a virus that suppressed all his powers. Angry at losing everything that made him special, he lashed out by killing his caretaker and setting off on a journey to regain his abilities.

Annnd that's where I'm taking him from! Early season 2, post-Kindred but pre- meeting Maya and Alejandro. Just to match pace with the other Heroes players.

Special Abilities or Weapons: Sylar's base ability is intuitive aptitude-- the ability to automatically understand any biological and mechanical processes. He replicates the powers that others have by looking into their brains, then altering his own DNA patterns to match the ones of other specials. But he can also access the powers of other specials through empathy. Before being affected by the Shanti virus, he acquired telekinesis, freezing, melting, enhanced hearing, precognition, and induced radioactivity. I'm not sure exactly how to make intuitive aptitude work in Star Wars verse, but I know a lot of his acquired powers can translate to Force stuff and I kind of wanted to make him a Sith so they'd work well in that respect, buuuut I'm playing him after he gets the Shanti virus and loses his abilities, so he… doesn't have them right now. Life is hard.

Sect: Civilian. For now. Or something.
Job: Is …. serial killer a job? Can he do that?

First Person: Candice? Michelle? Whatever the hell you decided your name was? [He leans in closer to the holovid, like he'd somehow find her there if he looked hard enough.] I thought I killed you. This isn't funny, you know. Sci-fi movies weren't on your list of exotic locales, nor did I expect them to be. So cut it out. Stop. Your lies and illusions are wasting my time, precious time I could be using to get my powers back.

[He pauses, waiting for something to happen, and when nothing does…] I'll kill you. I'll kill you again, and make it mean something this time if you don't take me back right now.

[Another pause, and then the holovid cuts off abruptly. Because he had a temper tantrum and punched it out. Like a boss.]

Third Person: link here. I always feel bad when I give samples that aren't congruent to the canon point, so if this doesn't fly just.. let me know and I'll whip something up for you.

Anything Else: Requesting Peter Petrelli as a roommate >:3 AND I LOVE GIZKAS


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