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everything's gotta burn to get back to its purest state;

all the best has yet to be laid to waste

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this chai tastes like date rape.


Lies by Evanescence

You will never be strong enough
You will never be good enough
You were never conceived in love
You will not rise above

They'll never see
I'll never be
I struggle on and on to feed this hunger
Burning deep inside of me

Weak and Powerless by A Perfect Circle

Little angel go away
Come again some other day
The devil has my ear today
I'll never hear a word you say
Promised I would find a little solace
And some peace of mind
Whatever just as long as I don't feel so
Desperate and ravenous,
So weak and powerless

Not Dead Yet by Styx

I've been machine-gunned handgunned hijacked left for dead
Dive-bombed napalmed nuclear warheaded
Dropped from a jet plane with no parachute
Shot by a firing squad & raped by a business suit
I'm dancin' on a land mine baby one leg left
And I can still crawl and I'm not dead yet

Inside Out by Eve 6

SoCal is where my mind states,
but it's not my state of mind
I'm not as ugly, sad as you
Or am I origami?
Folded up and just pretend,
demented as the motives in your head

I would swallow my pride,
I would choke on the rinds,
but the lack thereof would leave me empty inside
I would swallow my doubt,
turn it inside out,
find nothing but faith in nothing
Want to put my tender heart in a blender,
watch it spin 'round into a beautiful oblivion
Rendezvous, then I'm through with you

I Can't Decide by Scissor Sisters

Oh I could throw you in the lake
Or feed you poisoned birthday cake
I wont deny I'm gonna miss you when you're gone
Oh I could bury you alive
But you might crawl out with a knife
And kill me when I'm sleeping
That's why

I can't decide
Whether you should live or die
Oh, you'll probably go to heaven
Please don't hang your head and cry
No wonder why
My heart feels dead inside
It's cold and hard and petrified
Lock the doors and close the blinds
We're going for a ride

Flawed Design by Stabilo

And I will turn off and I will shut down
Burying the voices of my conscience hitting ground
And I will turn off and I will shut down
The chemicals are restless in my head

'Cause I lie
Not because I want to
But I seem to need to all the time
Yeah, I lie
And I don't even know it
Maybe this is all a part of my flawed design

Animal I Have Become by Three Days Grace

I can't escape this hell
So many times I've tried
But I'm still caged inside
Somebody get me through this nightmare
I can't control myself

So what if you can see the darkest side of me
No one will ever change this animal I have become
Help me believe it's not the real me
Somebody help me tame this animal
This animal, this animal

Handlebars by Flobots

Me and my friends understand the future
I see the strings that control the systems
I can do anything with no assistance
Cuz I can lead a nation with a microphone
With a microphone
With a microphone
And I can split the atom of a molecule
Of a molecule
Of a molecule

Still Frame by Trapt

Keep it inside, the image portrayed
As if I couldn't stand losing
As if I couldn't be saved, no way.
A small confession, I think I'm starting to lose it
I think I'm drifting away
From the people I really need

Professional Widow by Tori Amos

Prism perfect
Honey bring it close to your lips
What is termed a landslide of principle
Proportion boy it better be big boy
Starfucker just like my Daddy
Just like my Daddy selling his baby
Just like my daddy
Gonna strike a deal make him feel
Like a Congressman
It runs in the family

Aftershocks by Aaron Tveit [Next to Normal]

They've managed to get rid of me, returned me to the grave
ECT, electric chair, we shock who we can't save
They've cleared you of my memory and many more as well
You may have wanted some of them but who can ever tell
Your brainwaves are more regular, the chemistry more pure
The headaches and the nausea will pass and you'll endure
You son is gone forever though, of that the doctor's sure
The memories will wane, the aftershocks remain
You wonder which is worse, the symptom or the cure
They've managed to get rid of me. I'm gone without a trace
But sear the soul and leave scar no treatment can erase
They've cut away the cancer but forgot to fill the hole
They moved me from your memory, I'm still there in your soul
Your life goes back to normal now, or so they all believe
Your heart is in your chest again, not hanging from your sleeve
They've driven out the demons and they've earned you this reprieve
The memories are gone
The aftershocks live on
But with nothing to remember, is there nothing left to grieve?

I Don't Want To Be by Gavin Degraw

I'm surrounded by liars everywhere I turn
I'm surrounded by imposters everywhere I turn
I'm surrounded by identity crisis everywhere I turn
Am I the only one to notice?
I can't be the only one who's learned

I don't want to be anything
Other than what I've been trying to be lately
All I have to do is think of me and I have peace of mind
I'm tired of looking around rooms wondering what I gotta do
Or who I'm supposed to be
I don't want to be anything other than me

A Man by Alanis Morissette

And I have been shamed
And I have relented
I'm working my way toward our union mended
And I have been shamed
And I have repented
I'm working my way toward our union mended

we don't fare well with endless reprimands
we don't do well with a life served as a sentence
this won't work well if you're hell bent on your offence
I am a man who understands your resistance