everything's gotta burn to get back to its purest state;

all the best has yet to be laid to waste

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i don't buy that.

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I still don't get why you love eating so much, anyway.

Says the man ordering pizza.

I'm not the one who's a vampire.

What, now you're a racist? I like my Weetabix just as much as the next bloke, whether my heart's pumping or not.

I'm not being racist! I think this is a valid question.

Want to hear the truth, mate? Truth is I don't know why it is I like food so much. No other vampire seems to.

Suppose I'm just that special.


What's being a vampire like?

[Yeah he asked this in the exact same tone a nosy five year old would.]

[there is much eyebrow raising, but eventually Spike just shrugs and decides honesty is probably the best way to get Sylar to leave him alone.]

Sounds cliché and all, but after I died... was the first time I really felt alive. Things burn brighter, I see clearer. Everything is.. sharper than it ever was. [as an aside,] Had to kill my own mum though after she tried to sleep with me though, that wasn't fun.

Fought Angel for so long in that Shanshu nonsense, but truth is, I never wanted it. I like bein' a vampire just fine, thanks.

She tried to sleep with you?

[It would figure that'd be the only thing Sylar got from his little speech, but he only nods.]

After I turned her into a vampire.

[Look, Sylar hones in on what really matters.]

Mine tried to kill me first. ... Before I killed her.

[/tiny violin ....... ]

We could start a dead mum's club, you me and Brandon.

What will the meetings consist of?

Mostly crying, I'd wager. But I'll fill you in on the details at the first one.

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