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[rl] get your own bed spike >:(
here i dreamt i was an architect
[It's 4 am. Sylar is sleeping. Because that's usually what normal people do at 4 am. He's dreaming about ice caves ... ]

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[Spike nods, batting Sylar's hand away, but this look says, YOU WIN THIS TIME. Because there will be other times he climbs into Sylar's bed and.....wins. But tonight/this very early morning is for sleep; he acquiesces.

He rolls over and does eventually let sleep claim him.]

[it's okay, spike. sylar's going to ... spoon you in his sleep. you can always enjoy that.]

[Spike woke up warmer than he could remember for.. well. A long damn time. He panicked a little at first, thinking he was in the Sunlight's path, and he started edging off the bed and out of Sylar's arms(?). This alarmed him and he landed on the floor with a decisive thump.

Sunlight was streaming in the window, peaking through the curtains, but it was all contained to Sylar's side of the room and he allowed himself a sigh of relief. He would just not think about the alleged spooning as he stopped off at his room to put on actual clothes, before carrying onto the kitchen and making...eggos. He threw four in the toaster and started heating up some A neg. He sat and waited for Sylar to wake up, knowing the waffle-smell would doubtlessly do its magic within moments.]

[Look, it did. Sylar loves waffles. And doesn't like ... people escaping him while he sleeps. And thumping around on his floor. So between those three things, he slowly rises from his bed and makes his way down the stairs. Like a banana in pajamas. If bananas in pajamas were ... surly unshaven men in their underwear with half-dead looks in their eyes.]

We have a waffle maker ...

But this was quicker. [There's a plate with three of the eggos topped in butter and syrup, and cut into little squares like someone's mum might do. And a glass of orange juice all set in front of the chair next to Spike. He shrugs, dunking his lone remaining eggo in his blood.]

[Sylar's not even questioning it at this point. He's just going to sit down and eat his breakfast, violently stabbing at an eggo piece with his fork and shoving it in his mouth.] But it tastes better--

[Wait. What. Is he seriously putting blood in his eggos ... eggos in his blood ...... ]

Spike, that's disgusting.

Is not. Gives it texture. Do you have any idea how bloody boring it gets eating the same thing day in and out?

I guess. My mom used to make me tuna sandwiches every day.

That's a rough break. [If that's all you have to say about that, Sylar, he's going to keep eating his bloody eggo. Mm-mm good.]

I thought it was. [he shrugs and goes back to mauling his eggos. Finally, his curiosity overtakes him: ] how does it taste, anyway? The blood.

[He lifts an eyebrow, leaning back a bit as he addresses Sylar carefully.]

Blood tastes like life, mate. Simple as that. Human blood is much sharper, stronger-- but it's all life, all the same.

Always kinda tasted like pennies to me.

[between his mouthfuls of eggo he takes the time to notice the dead rabbit sitting on top of the microwave. he gestures to it with his fork and asks:]

Did you put that there?

[He's a little offended by the pennies remark, but as he opens his mouth to defend his blood and its delicious refreshing qualities, he catches the dead beady eyes of Sylar's rabbit--]

Wh-- No. Why would I put that there. It's your creepy souvenir. [he shrugs] Maybe Brian put it there. [Not that he believes himself...]

I don't know! I didn't put it there. [His eyes wander up toward the ceiling, where Brian is presumably sleeping upstairs. Why the fuck would he move Sylar's creepy taxidermied rabbit? It was like the most pointless thing on earth. ... HEY WAIT.]

It's not creepy! It's the only thing I ever did with my real dad. Not that I even like him. It just. It's sentimental to me. Can you even understand that? What that means?

No, Sylar, that's not- If you didn't move it, and I didn't move it, and the wanker upstairs didn't move it. What? What's that mean?

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