everything's gotta burn to get back to its purest state;

all the best has yet to be laid to waste

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[rl] get your own bed spike >:(
here i dreamt i was an architect
[It's 4 am. Sylar is sleeping. Because that's usually what normal people do at 4 am. He's dreaming about ice caves ... ]

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[Sylar is not comfortable with the direction this conversation is headed in. At all.] You can't say that. You didn't know me before.

No, I didn't. But I know you now, and that's enough for me.

But me now is different from me then. That's what I'm trying to say. [Now he's getting huffy.] But it doesn't matter. So let's not talk about it.

Can't get me to back down so easily. That's why you did all this, to be someone.

That's why I did it all too. That's all I'm sayin'.


[That actually gets Sylar to stop rolling around in his pit of ~woe is me~ for a minute.]

And we see how well that turned out for the two of us.

[Nevermind. He's back.]

We can still be.. something. Just not the same something's we thought we would be. [He looks down into his blood. Trying to cheer Sylar up is, bringing him down.]

I appreciate what you're doing here, Spike. I really do. But I think it's too early to talk about this.

[Spike nods, going to rinse his mug.] More eggos? Or I could make real waffles this time around.

[He puts his elbows on the table and rests his head against his palm, watching Spike make his way around the kitchen.] Can you make waffles?

Yeah, course I can. I'm a vampire, not a moron.

You're the one who made the eggos first.

'Cause they were fast, like I said. That and I didn't think you'd whine so much. [He's already getting out the bisquick, sit the fuck down.]

Either you were whining, or I'm not making you waffles. Which is it?

[Sylar opts to not admit he was whining and just stare at Spike with a sour expression like he's five years old.]

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