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[rl] everybody's lookin' forward to the weekend
even if i wanted to.
[Sylar had to execute his plan perfectly. First he had to wait until Friday, which was a trial considering how he'd rather just hop back to Claire's world (His? Was it really his anymore?) and grab her any old time.

But he told her Friday, so he waited. Besides, she had to appreciate the humor of it. Even if she pretended not to when he sent her the video.

Next was waiting for the perfect moment to "borrow" Spike's world-hopping device. Swiping things from his roommates wasn't always easy, but he'd learned to be sneaky and subtle about it. (Or at least, he thought he did.)

Then it was a matter of finding Claire. Luckily, she was in Costa Verde. Easy as pie. Pie she'd soon be baking for him.

In the middle of his house-wide search for Claire, Miss Moppet found him, pouncing on his shoe. It was almost disappointing to see that she was slowly but surely growing up from her original kitten size. Picking her up off the ground, Sylar opted to wait on the living room sofa while entertaining the cat on his lap. Claire would reveal herself sooner or later.]

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We've met. Hi, Spike. [ She shoots a sarcastically sweet smile at Sylar and then quickly shifts her attention to Spike, exaggeratedly making a retarded face that screams "HELP ME" as she gets dragged out from in front of the TV by Sylar. God her life. It's pretty obvious by her body language that there is nothing interesting about this tour to her. ] Yeah. It's great. Can I go now?

Uh.. everything alright, luv? [He switches off the TV and gets up to follow them to the kitchen.]

[Sylar continues on with the tour like this is the most fun Claire has ever had in her entire life. He's s-so enthusiastic about it he seems even crazier than usual.] You're right, we'll be spending plenty of time in the kitchen later. We should go upstairs! [Guess where she's being ushered now.] It'd probably be rude to let you into Brian and Spike's rooms, but you can see mine. Mine's the one with the window anyway. You need to see the view, it's really something.

That depends on your definition of all ri-- [ Except she's being ushered upstairs now and she shoots a look over her shoulder at Spike, trying to scramble away. ] No! This is not even in the same zip code as all right! [ Her tone enters shriek-y, "save me" territory. ] SPIKE!

[O.O Spike is following them upstairs now, trying to squeeze in between Sylar and Claire.]

Gabe, I think you're scaring our guest a bit. Maybe we could all have a sit down.

[Sylar doesn't know what to be offended by most, because ... there's a lot to be offended by here. Like Spike trying to ruin his lovefest with Claire. And calling him Gabe. But since he knows enough to know Spike won't go anywhere now that he's decided to ~involve himself~, he snatches Miss Moppet away from Claire before removing himself from her completely.]

Fine. Let's sit down. We can talk about the kind of pie we're going to make.

[ She'll settle on having Miss Moppet snatched away and throw the cat under the bus in order to hide behind Spike a little -- okay, she'd probably prefer to word it like putting Spike strategically between her and Sylar, but whatever. It's hiding. ]

You mean the one that I'm going to bake broken glass into and shove down your throat? [ She begins to creep backwards down the stairs. ] We're not going to sit anywhere, I'm getting out of here.

[ Then she turns her gaze up a little pathetically to Spike, looking for sympathy. ] He just came to my house and dragged me here and I don't even know how he got there! I just wanna go home.

[Spike checks his pockets for his lighter and only finds his Zippo. Rolling his eyes and holding out a hand to Sylar, he says,] Give it back, you prat.

[Sylar begins his petulant march down the stairs.] Why? You're just going to use it to take her home.

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[ And now she's scandalized at Spike. } He got it from you? He could have used it to go ... to go ... I don't know, kill someone?

He doesn't kill people anymore. And he stole it from me! It's not like I gave it to him with a blueprint to go kidnap you.

I'm going to be in the kitchen. [He calls to either of them like they even give a shit about his life. Him and Miss Moppet will just sit at the table and have deep conversations about life. She's the only one who understands him 8( ]

It's Sylar! Blueprints to kidnap me kind of come with the packaging! Maybe you should keep your weird magic worldhopping equipment in a safer place with him as a roommate! [ Yeah, she's pointedly ignoring his tantrum. ]

It was in my pocket, he must have lifted it with his telekinesis when I was watching my stories. We'll get it back, alright? I wouldn't let him hurt you.

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