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[rl] everybody's lookin' forward to the weekend
even if i wanted to.
[Sylar had to execute his plan perfectly. First he had to wait until Friday, which was a trial considering how he'd rather just hop back to Claire's world (His? Was it really his anymore?) and grab her any old time.

But he told her Friday, so he waited. Besides, she had to appreciate the humor of it. Even if she pretended not to when he sent her the video.

Next was waiting for the perfect moment to "borrow" Spike's world-hopping device. Swiping things from his roommates wasn't always easy, but he'd learned to be sneaky and subtle about it. (Or at least, he thought he did.)

Then it was a matter of finding Claire. Luckily, she was in Costa Verde. Easy as pie. Pie she'd soon be baking for him.

In the middle of his house-wide search for Claire, Miss Moppet found him, pouncing on his shoe. It was almost disappointing to see that she was slowly but surely growing up from her original kitten size. Picking her up off the ground, Sylar opted to wait on the living room sofa while entertaining the cat on his lap. Claire would reveal herself sooner or later.]

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[ And now she's just looking at them like they're mentally deranged. Which ... they are. ]

Okay, wait. Let me get this straight. You kidnapped me so I'd cook for you?

[Spike's trying to save you here. Don't lump him in that mentally deranged category so quickly :c]

..Well. Answer the girl. [Oh yeah, getting his save on.]

[Nobody understands Sylar's hard life. He shrugs at both of them.]

I wanted to show her the new place, too. [said to the tone of SO THERE.]

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This is completely insane. [ And that's all she has to say about that. She's stomping through the kitchen back to the living room now and she's just going to ... watch Spike's soap opera. ]

[Claire's safe for now, so that leaves him to talk to Sylar, he guesses. Could he opt out?]

Sylar, what's going on here?

Nothing's "going on here." I wanted to see Claire. [He snatches Miss Moppet off the table and gets up because next to Claire is exactly where he intends on going now. Fuck this heart to heart bullshit.]

Everything is wrong with you. [ When he moves next to her, she gets up off the couch and decides soap operas are no longer her thing. Getting away from Sylar is her thing. Maybe she'll barricade herself in Spike's room ... he should have a coffin or something, right? That sounded nice and safe. ]

[He nods for her to go back up the stairs, moving towards Sylar like he might a spooky wild animal.]

But she didn't want to see you, mate.

[He grits his teeth and gives Spike a very clearly irritated, impatient face. SHE IS GETTING AWAY GOD DAMN IT.]


[ Obediently -- for once -- Claire scurries towards the staircase, climbing up to the top and ... just sitting. So that she can listen in like a creeper. It's her secondary mutation. ]

So, [He circles, blocking Sylar from the staircase.] you're going to leave her be. You put all this behind you, huh? That's why I believe in you. Are you gonna prove me wrong?

[He could easily shove Spike out of the way and bound upstairs, but he won't. BECAUSE HE'S A GOOD GUY NOW. Do you see that Claire? A GOOD GUY. He's really proud of himself for not ransacking her for ~answers~ right now. That's the best he can do. ]

I can't just leave her be. She's -- we're meant to be together.

[Miss Moppet hops out of his arms and runs away to the living room, because even she is done with this shit.]

[ And eventually Miss Moppet wanders around to the staircase and stumbles her way up into Claire's lap. But the staircase is like a mountain for her so it's like she rock climbs her way into Claire's lap. And Claire just holds her tight, resting her chin on the top of her little kitten head and continuing to listen in. ]

She doesn't seem to agree there. [He's never seen Sylar like this, and yeah he may have texted Peter about what the hell was happening. He'd be a lot more ~sympathetic~ to Sylar if he could get Claire out of the apartment.]

That's because she doesn't understand yet.

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