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everything's gotta burn to get back to its purest state;

all the best has yet to be laid to waste

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[rl] everybody's lookin' forward to the weekend
even if i wanted to.
[Sylar had to execute his plan perfectly. First he had to wait until Friday, which was a trial considering how he'd rather just hop back to Claire's world (His? Was it really his anymore?) and grab her any old time.

But he told her Friday, so he waited. Besides, she had to appreciate the humor of it. Even if she pretended not to when he sent her the video.

Next was waiting for the perfect moment to "borrow" Spike's world-hopping device. Swiping things from his roommates wasn't always easy, but he'd learned to be sneaky and subtle about it. (Or at least, he thought he did.)

Then it was a matter of finding Claire. Luckily, she was in Costa Verde. Easy as pie. Pie she'd soon be baking for him.

In the middle of his house-wide search for Claire, Miss Moppet found him, pouncing on his shoe. It was almost disappointing to see that she was slowly but surely growing up from her original kitten size. Picking her up off the ground, Sylar opted to wait on the living room sofa while entertaining the cat on his lap. Claire would reveal herself sooner or later.]

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[ FFFFFUUU their dismissal is offensive to Claire's life, so she just huffs for a minute and tries to ... pretend it doesn't piss her off. And then explode in failed silence after a minute. ] You know what? I'm gonna go upstairs and find a bathroom. You two have fun ... bonding. [ She's getting up to go a-creepin' now. ]

There's a bathroom down here! [He says that a little too quickly and defensively because he does NOT WANT HER TO SEE THEIR HOT MESS OF A BRIGHT PURPLE BATHROOM.]

Yeah, and I don't need you hearing me pee! [ This is ... clearly the best excuse. She's huffing and turning her attention to Spike. ] Thank you. [ And a-hiking the stairs she will go. ]

[He doesn't say anything, but he gives Spike a look like WHY THE FUCK DID YOU DO THAT?? No one understands his anguish regarding the purple bathroom.]

[He only shrugs, lacing his fingers and resting them under his head as he gets back into the show.]

[ The bathroom's pretty easy to find since it's ... right in front of the stairs when she gets up there. So she creaks the door open and shuts it without going inside, then sneaks down the hall to ... Nancy Drew her way around. Because really she just needs a break from Sylar's life and throwing herself out of one of those second story windows is pretty tempting right about now. ]

[Claire is free to explore to her leisure. Note that the only second story window is Sylar's. His is the room with the gay metal shit above his bed. ]

[Meanwhile, back at the ranch in the living room:]

Are you mad at me for bringing her here?

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[He hadn't been expecting the question, and he slowly turns to Sylar-- mulling that over.] Not mad, no. But generally when you have a playdate, you have the other person's consent. [His eyebrows climb, wishing a little belatedly he had managed to slip Claire his lighter before she ran upstairs.]

[ You'd think she'd be able to tell whose room was who's, but ... she can't. The truth is that as stalker-y as Sylar is and as well as she knows his hard life from him ... kidnapping her and telling her, she doesn't know that much about him. Or Spike. And Brian is just ... no. Never. So, she noses through the rooms pretty equally, finally settling in Sylar's because it has the window and she's easy like that and curling up in the chair behind the door to reflect on her horrible life.

Seriously what kind of dipshit gets kidnapped out of her own house and held hostage over baking a cake ...

I'll work on it. [He stares at the TV for a bit, trying not to overthink his ... entire life, until it becomes unbearable.]

Don't you think she's been up there for a really long time? [Spoiler: one minute is a long time to Sylar.]

[He's genuinely okay with that. Apparently, attempting not to kidnap someone next time is up to Spike's standards. However, at Sylar's question, he turns back to his roommate, scratching absently at his eyebrow.]

Give her a minute. Or even a few, alright? She'll come back down.

[ She pulls out her phone to text Peter briefly and then moves on to ... nose through Sylar's shit hastily. And when she's done with that, she'll go nose into the other rooms. Spike's is pretty straight forward because it's obviously Spike's and she doesn't want to fuck with his life. Because he's her bro. And then there was Brian's room. Which she will stand in the doorway of and stare into awkwardly. Hnnnngh. Slow awkward step in. ]

Come on. How long does it take to use the bathroom, really?

Relax, huh? Don't overanalyze it. [He glances at his phone, also having just received a text from Peter, tucking it back in his pocket and reimbursing himself in the show.] Oh, watch this part, mate. This is brilliant.

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