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everything's gotta burn to get back to its purest state;

all the best has yet to be laid to waste

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that's nice., well shit.

"If you're calling, you who this is and what to do."

Text messaging enabled, picture messaging enabled, web browsing enabled.

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wat is the most obnoxious music crunch likes??

... the beastie boys i guess

why?? xmas shopping?

Sylar, don't forget--if you're not still drunk you should go take care of those old files you were so worried about.

Can't. We left for Ireland as soon as I... sobered up.

I'm not worried about it, anyway. It was just the liquor talking.

[phone call/voicemail/something like that]

You should probably know that some annoying mini-me investigator is looking to find you through Molly. In a non-ability sort of way. You know, for killing her parents. [angry pause followed by an angry outburst because she just spent an hour comforting an incoherent Molly under a bed] So don't piss me off or I'll give her a tip and they'll probably lock you up Hannibal Lecter-style forever.

[She might be worried about idiots poking their noses into this. And for Molly after being questioned. She needs a moment to be frustrated by feelings.]

How about I just fry her? Worst comes to worse, we could dissolve what's left of her in a bathtub.

[phone call.... i guess? lmao]

That... doesn't surprise me, really. I heard the FBI was reopening the Sylar file weeks ago. [grumbling under his breath] ... I'd really hope you didn't, Elle. [He's trying to be threatening but comes off as more... severely irritated.] I'll find a way out, and the first person I track down will be you.

... Well, what all did Molly tell her? Do you really think she's going to be a threat?

[phone call it is lmaoo]

... No. Maybe. I don't know. [Her voice is... small and grudging. Now she has to own up to just being... probably prematurely murderous about this.] She was just annoying. [pause] And she didn't even care about what she was putting Molly though making her talk about it. You didn't see her- [And that's where she stops because... Molly feelings. :C]

It just would be nice to have a goddamn heads up about these sorts of things. Having to deal with some prissy bitch showing up and demanding Molly tell her everything about how you slaughtered her parents kind of sucks, so sure, threaten me because I'm so scared of what more shit you can put both of us through. I didn't tell her anything and neither did Molly and we... won't, okay? But fuck you anyway.

Have A Voicemail About Elle's Hard Life

I heard they were still letting you have your phone, but I guess you're not answering it or something. Whatever.

So, anyways, I went to this gas station to pick up one of my daily, okay one of many daily, Slush-O when I see all these signs about how he refuses to serve mutants.

I totally told the guy off and tried to reason with him but he still wouldn't give me a damn Slush-o. I totally should have fried him for it. I was going to back and do it but then this government lady wanted to talk to him so I didn't.

He was really creepy looking too. His mustache looked like it could star in it's only Dateline special.

I guess I'm done rambling. I thought you might be bored and wondering what's going on in my life. Or not. I really just kind of wanted to vent, so lucky you. Enjoy.

have a voicemail message, sylar.

I know you're busy being James Bond or whatever, but does that mean that you can't call me once in a while to let me know you're still alive? I'm starting to get a little worried about you.

So call me, okay? Or text me, I don't really care, I just wanna know you're okay.

[Dexter hesitantly picks up his phone and dials Sylar's number. He may have gotten it from Brian's phone or even Deb's spam folder idk.

He already thinks this is a mistake.]

[he picks up the phone like r. kelly in trapped in the closet.]

Hello ... ?

[Dexter doesn't know that reference (notalking).]

Uh, hey. It's Dexter.

[lamely,] What's up?

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