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everything's gotta burn to get back to its purest state;

all the best has yet to be laid to waste

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that's nice., well shit.

"If you're calling, you who this is and what to do."

Text messaging enabled, picture messaging enabled, web browsing enabled.

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lmao idt he even put that on there u kno even tho thats kinda a huge fuckin con of the 20th century

np np i can get u a link all u gotta do is send every other line from line 1 like every 1 min

me either. i guess it wasnt as bad as.... w/e else he decided was so horrible. prohibition? god forbid.

it seems like a lot of effort

prohibition yeah i think so

ok well if ur gonna be a pussy about it.......

well im just sayin

a bro would do this 4 me

it depends on the song

check it out has star trek lyrics

fuck you

fight 4 ur rite 2 party??

is that even a beastie boys song

ttly dude




eh it's a white boys song so it works either way

ok well elle wants to have sex now so

you do that

ur gonna think of jim


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