everything's gotta burn to get back to its purest state;

all the best has yet to be laid to waste

22 October 1977
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but in the end, good, evil, right or wrong ... what we choose is never what we really need. for that is the ultimate cosmic joke. the real gift that god has left behind.


acquiring powers like pokemon, acting like an asshole, apples, becoming president???, being "between jobs", being a bro, being a petrelli, being awesome, being the most special, bjs from elle, black, blondes in general, blood, brains, brave new worlds, cake, catholicism, causing explosions, cellular regeneration, cheerleaders, chilaquiles, creatively using broken glass, dancing in the rain, decaf, decorating closets, desperate housewives, diffusing blame, doctors with pms, doing awesome accents, doodling on napkins, encouraging threesomes, evolutionary imperative, facebook stalking claire, feeding ~*the hunger*~, fixating, fixing watches real good, fuck being a hero, fuck south america, giant brick walls, having an addictive personality, having the most issues, having the most powers, heart-to-hearts in janitorial closets, hornrimmed glasses, ice cream, intuitive aptitude, it's restoring timepieces bitch, jim kirk, keeping checklists, killing peeps, knowing everything, kris allen, lots of books, lying, making love stay, making modern art, making people suffer, manipulating, meticulously grooming eyebrows, not being a cat, not being a homo, not being gabriel, not being spock, not being the bitch, not crazy moms, not mfing tuna sandwiches, not slenderman, not spinal taps, peach pie, peter "short bus" petrelli, pillars of the earth, pink bunnies, pinot noir, plastic furniture covers, pointy boots, pomeranians, powers, project runway, representing for queens, rough and dirty sex, ruining lives, saving people is ok, secretly being dudley doright, setting people on fire, sex on kitchen tables, sex on the floor, sexually harassing claire, shapeshifting, shark week, skeevy diners, sociopathic blondes, static shock kisses, stealing shit, stopping bullets, straight edge razors, subtly diverting questions, sucking up to dad, sweeney todd, tahitian pancakes, taking roadtrips, tea, telekinesis, the upper east side, threesomes, unicorns named killer, waffles, watches, waxing philosophical, why claire bennet, yellowtail sushi, ziti, ~forbidden fruit~